Welcome to KATSUMI NFT!

The Secret Assassin’s Collection Volume 1: Katsumi, The Electric Crypto Assassin is a Special Limited Edition NFT Collection Celebrating Katsumi’s official Token launch.

Adoption Fee: .1 ETH + Gas


The Secret Assassin’s Collection Volume 1 comprises of a total of 720 highly detailed NFT’s, out of those 720 NFT’s, 713 are completely randomized with various traits. The other 7 NFT’s consist of the the following traits: 7 NFT’s are rare with predetermined traits and 2 NFT’s are Ultra Rare with a extra feature trait built in.


Fair Launch, fair distribution. All NFT cost .1 ETH during mint

Community Driven Approach to build the hype around!

Holder incentives through roadmap activations

KATSUMI Merch Store

As we progress with our roadmap, we will be launching an exclusive KATSUMI Merch Store.

Sneak Peak


We at KATSUMI NFT take our Roadmap extremely seriously. We want to deliver the highest possible utility to each of our holders and we have many exciting ways to achieve this. The below is a summary of some of these holder benefits, but will continue to be added to as the project grows


The community wallet is deployed. The community wallet will be used for various items to grow and spread awareness about the Kishimoto Community around! 2 KATSUMI NFT will be airdropped to lucky holders!

Giveaways - 2 KATSUMI NFT, $500 ETH.


The chillest monetary giveaways are unleashed from the cave. Cash/Eth based rewards will be given to lucky holders!

Giveaways - 3 KISHIMOTO NFT, 2 KATSUMI NFT, $1000 ETH.


KATSUMI/KISHIMOTO merch will be dropped! Be prepared to dress head to toe with the diamond katana's slicing the paperhands!

Giveaways - 5 KISHIMOTO NFT, 2 KATSUMI NFT, $1500 ETH.


New NFTs for all of our chill holders! A mystery NFT derivative that will be revealed after 100% of the KATSUMI is purchased!

Giveaways - 10 KISHIMOTO NFT (If Left), $2000 in ETH.

Once fully minted, we will be introducing a staking mechanism for our holders generating passive income for them. More more to be revealed in Roadmap 2.0!


720 KATSUMI NFTs - The electric crypto assasin consisting of unique digital assets living on the Ethereum Blockchain. The katsumi collection consist limited NFTs with 4 rares and 2 ultra rare NFT that can be mintable directly from the website which will have a usecase in the future!

Adoption Fee: .1 ETH + Gas

Every Image was crafted by Paul Allstar specifically for the Katsumi NFTs - 100% original and authentic.

KATSUMI will be available for purchase on our website through an initial sale. At the time of purchase, a randomly selected KATSUMI will be minted on the blockchain & delivered to your wallet & Opensea account.

Each of our Katsumi is unique and randomly generated by Paul Allstar with 100s of unique traits.